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Alternative Yoga Props

With online yoga classes becoming more popular and the ability to borrow your fully stocked yoga studios' blocks, bolsters, blankets, and peanuts has paused for the time being, you may feel a little different in your practice. There are several at home solutions to this situation. Here are some ideas to help you adjust your at home practice making online classes perfect for you every time.

Peanut butter jars

Large soup or bean cans

Metal water bottles

Couch cusions, pillows, blankets

Beach towel

Hand towels or belts

Chair, bench, or wall

Tennis balls wrapped in a tube sock

Peanut butter jars, large soup cans, or beans can be a wonderful substitute for blocks. If you don't have a mat you can use a beach towel. Can't reach that toe? No problem, hand towels or belts are fantastic arm extensions. One of my favorites is the chair. This can be very helpful when you are working on alignment or form in balancing poses. And If you like peanuts, grab two tennis balls and put them in a tube sock for that extra massage.

There are many benefits to online yoga classes. Getting creative with your surroundings can make your practice feel even more customized for your body. Let me hear what you come up with!



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