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The Life Force: Breath/Prana

                What comes most naturally and unnoticeable for most is a particular focus and main event in many yoga classes. But why? When we make an automatic behavior deliberate it brings us in the present moment affecting our nuerological programing. The awareness we put on our breath can impact us biologically, emotionally, and physically.

                Our normal breath that we don’t pay much attention to is controlled by the meduela oblongata or primitive part of the brain. When we choose to focus on our breath we use the cerebral cortex or the more evolved parts of the brain. By stimulating the cerebral cortex we find ourselves more calm and focussed.

                By choosing to be aware of our breath we can balance our emotions creating less stress and calming our brain chatter or monkey mind. This allows us to experience the free flowing energy in the present moment without the physical  and emotional blockages we may otherwise experience.

                During a yoga flow practice the teacher might constantly remind us to inhale and exhale. This is to create that relaxed feeling even in tougher poses. When we have short shallow breaths we are creating more stress and anxiety throuhgout our minds and bodies.

                There are several types of breathwork we can use on and off our mats. From cooling breaths to breath of fire. Some, like the ocean breath or ujjayi breath, we use throughout our practice and others can detoxify, purify our nervous systems, cool our bodies, elevate our moods, regluate our bood pressure, or even help us lose weight.

                To learn more about specific breathwork and how it can benefit you, send me a message or sign up for a private session.

Biggest deepest inhale… open mouth exhale,


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