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Group Classes
In person or virtual vinyasa yoga flow.
These classes are created for every body, no experience necessary. Move at your own pace with plenty of options along the way allowing you to have your best practice each session. We move with breath, building strength and flexibility in our bodies, and clarity in our minds.


$10 single session

$100 12 sessions
$50 up to 28 sessions (Unlimited Month)
$126 up to 84 sessions (Unlimited 3 Months)

Private Sessions
One on one, or two, personalized yoga practice deigned with your needs. This practice could involve different styles and aspects of yoga from restorative to breathing techniques or if there's specific postures you'd like extra time with. There are many opportunities with a private session.


$45 single session
$105 3 sessions
$300 10 sessions

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Punch Card
12 Classes
Valid for 6 months
All Class Pass
Unlimited Monthly
Valid for one month
All Class Pass
3 Months Unlimited
Valid for 3 months

Location and Facilities


Group classes are currently being held online via Zoom Meetings. You must sign up at least 30 minutes prior to class to get your Zoom Meeting invite. You do not need to purchase the Zoom Application separately. You sign up for class and receive an invite with a link to the phone number or email address you provide when you register on Bobclass.


When in-person group classes resume they are held at the Viking Bowl in Colfax and will be on the schedule listed as so. In


Private session locations will be decided on by you and myself. These could be held at a residence or agreed upon location.


"Yoga with Sacia is always fun and enjoyable. Her teaching method is in a relaxed mind set. This is quite helpful when she is showing new poses making sure to go over other variations which can be achieved at any level of experience. I have been attending Colfax Yoga for over a year. It has improved my golf game. It has increased the  distance I can hit a golf ball. I use the yoga breathing to control my emotions and while hitting the ball focusing my concentration at the task at hand."

This is what Stacy says about Colfax Yoga & her golf game.
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